Tips for better searching with sloppy typing

The best way to increase the chance of finding what you search, is to write a longer query, because then there is more to match.

While searching for Goldfinhrrr works, but gives you too many matches, you could search for Bind bassey goldfinhrrr to get Shirley Basseys theme for the James Bond movie Goldfinger.

The point is to make your search as easy as possible, and it is easier to write a little more text sloppily than to spell check yourself or fine tune the search, as described below.

Beginning names with a capital letter helps, as this is an indication of the beginning of a name. Likewise, dropping the capital letter helps when you suspect it is just part of a name.

Putting a space after the end of a word also helps if you know that really is the end, and dropping it helps if you are not sure.